A Comparison of Nine 10mm Cello Endpins

Comparisons of nine 10mm endpins: from New Harmony, a hollow 20 inch, 43 gram carbon fiber, a 20 inch, 67 gram solid CF, a 24 inch, 76 gram hollow CF, a 24 inch, 79 gram solid CF, and a 28 inch, 89 gram solid CF; a Cube Acoustics solid 24 inch, 390 tuned alloy; a Memminger 24 inch, 92 gram hollow titanium with three vertical rows of alternately placed homes, which allows you to rotate the pin for different qualities of sound; a RESONANCE 24 inch, 230 gram solid Titanium, and a 28 inch, 436 gram solid stainless steel.

There is a good deal of commentary by cellists concerning how different materials (and even different internal lengths) change the sound or response of a cello, so I decided to put this to the test.

All excerpts were performed with the endpin at the same length outside of the cello, 12.75 inches. The nine endpins compared here were auditioned one after the other in exactly the same position, mic placement, etc., in order to have as true a comparison as possible. All were inserted into a 6-degree down-angled New Harmony plug/bung.

Special thanks to Ellen S. Gunst of Cellos2Go.com for the use of several of these endpins.

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4 Responses to A Comparison of Nine 10mm Cello Endpins

  1. Christopher Pegis says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I?m a big fan of 10mm endpins. For years I?ve been using a 10mm titanium endpin that I purchased from a company (French Cello Bow) that I think closed their doors. I am in need of an endpin holder that doesn?t rattle or buzz. I was talked into this endpin holder that has an unconventional clamping device. It was expensive and though it didn?t allow any buzzing or rattles, it now slips and apparently there is nothing that can be done about it. So I?m wondering if you know of a good 10mm plug? The ones that secure the pin with a metal strap that pulls the pin against the side won?t work. They buzz!
    Thank you!
    Christopher Pegis

  2. Pamela says:

    On first hearing, through my PHONE, I think I preferred the last. Funny, it?s the same as I have always used. I listened blind. Stainless. I need to listen with speakers.

  3. Clay says:

    There is a titanium one I am going to try at Stradpet

  4. Konstantin says:

    Dear Clay, I find your use as a great help for cellists all over the world. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your videos and the comparison between the strings and acsessoars. If you intend to record the cannone, here is the e-mail from Larsen with information about the thickness of the strings.
    “Dear Konstantin Karklisiyski,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Please accept our apologies for the late reply.

    We have been facing challenges as the second wave of COVID-19 is hitting, but below please find the diameters of each Il Cannone cello string:

    Il Cannone A Direct & Focused 0,78 mm

    Il Cannone A Warm & Broad 0,75 mm

    Il Cannone D Direct & Focused 0,94 mm

    Il Cannone D Warm & Broad 0,95 mm

    Il Cannone G Direct & Focused 0,98 mm

    Il Cannone G Warm & Broad 0,98 mm

    Il Cannone C Direct & Focused 1,33 mm

    Il Cannone C Warm & Broad B 1,33 mm

    Best wishes and kind regards from Denmark,


    Med venlig hilsen / Best regards / Mit freundlichen Gr?ssen / Bien sinc?rement,

    Lene Sejr Shulman


    Elholm 6 a

    DK – 6400 S?nderborg


    Best regards,

    Konstantin Karklisiyski

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