2 microphone demonstrations

Here is a demonstration of the Shure MV88 stereo microphone for iOS devices

A comparison of Shure MV88 with two professional stereo microphone pairs


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  1. Jim Denton says:

    Hi Clay,

    Thanks for all the work you put in to making these recordings! I wasn?t even aware that Shure made a mic for an iPhone. When I was playing and recording back in the medieval days, I was using a pair of Shure SM81 mics with an Apogee Mini?Me 24-bit reference A/D converter with microphone preamp that had been reworked by Apogee from the original USB to laptop output (plus S/PDIF & AES/EBU for more traditional equipment) to a FireWire output. I spent a small fortune on that Apogee but I doubt it?s worth much anymore.

    For what it?s worth, I bought a new set of strings today and took my Eury in for rehairing. I intend to start playing a little for my own enjoyment now that enough time has passed for me to think of the cello as what I did rather than who I was. I am also having my Mom?s 7?4? Yamaha tuned and smoothed out by the Houston Symphony?s piano technician so I can play it a little as well. She bought that grand piano for when she used to host Van Cliburn candidates in her home on Wedgway Drive. I had plenty of room for it in my small, 1240 ft.sq. house for it after Janet?s suicide. Mom?s arthritis got so bad she could no longer play, and she asked me if I wanted it before she moved into Trinity Terrace downtown ? a progressive living center where she has a one-bedroom apartment until she can no longer take care of herself; then they move her to another floor where she will be taken care of the rest of her life. I go up there every other month now because she and I are both only children and Janet & I never had any, so the genealogical line ends when I die. Pretty strange considering that genealogy is one of my hobbies!

    I regret not giving her a grandchild but what kind of parents would a pair of practicing alcoholics have made? I?ve been sober over 13 years now and I teach weekly as a volunteer at Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (the PaRC). I also sponsor men through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. That keeps me busy, and I?ve finally found the most wonderful woman I could have ever hoped for. We?ve been together a year this month, which is also 12 years since Janet died.

    I will be retired by the Orchetra at the end of this year. I?m already on Social Security for the Disabled. That, plus my AFM-EPF pension if I still have one then, should hopefully be enough for me to get by without spending too much of my retirement savings. Anyway, I?d like nothing better than to spend some time with you again and meet your family if that?s a possibility. David Caron is making instruments again despite his hands, which are a wreck. I?m going to take both cellos out to New Mexico this summer.

    Well, I?ve gone on long enough and need to go to bed now.

    Much love ~ Jim
    (713) 304-4007

  2. Thanks for doing this sample. I set out to buy a MV88 and found it on sale at Sweetwater. An hour on the phone later, it seems my 1 year old ipad Pro with its Micro B socket will require the MV88+, and a cable that is USB-C to Micro-B (only available in 3′ length) for an additional $100. I thought I’d check with you before shelling out the extra 100. What cable did you use, and did you have to buy the MV88+? or were you using your iPhone? No. Can’t be. Thanks.

  3. Clay says:

    I’m Sorry, Janey I just saw this. I use the extension cable I mentioned that is on amazon

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