The middle finger offers much better flexibility for playing most pizzicato. Remember that the string works best when pulled side to side (like the bow does) and not up and down (unless you are supposed to make a “Bartok pizz” -type sound). Having your right hand pronated (rotated counterclockwise) gives you the most natural approach as the finger is designed to move most easily in this direction (up and down- like playing the piano, but side to side when rotated). This also allows you to hold the bow securely (but easily) with the other fingers while playing pizz.
Do NOT play near the bridge, the string is least flexible and responsive there, and it sounds ugly. The most flexibility of the string is at the midpoint, but that point changes depending on where your finger is on the string. For this reason, the easiest place is a few inches up the fingerboard with your thumb touching the side of the fingerboard for stability. Look for videos of jazz bass players like Ray Brown, they are the best models for cellists.

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