Rock/Jazz/Improv/Alt Cellists (Not a comprehensive list)

Fred Katz
The noir film “Sweet Smell of Success” features lots of cello

The cellist in this scene (also the composer of the tunes in the club scenes) was Fred Katz, with Chico Hamilton’s group. The rest of the soundtrack is basically a cello concerto by Elmer Bernstein played by Eleanor Aller, whose father was principal cellist in the NY Phil under Mahler and whose sons include Fred Zlotkin (principal of NYC Ballet) and the conductor Leonard Slatkin. She was also the cello soloist for the soundtrack of the Cello Concerto (actually by Korngold) for the film Deception (which features the greatest ?fake? cello playing by an actor I’ve ever seen, Paul Henreid with the assistance of 2 cellists for the close up scenes one for each hand!).

David Baker
Innovative composer/arranger/and cellist

Jack Bruce
Most well known from his time with the early “supergroup” Cream, he started out as a cellist

Erik Friedlander

Eugene Friesen

Ashley Bathgate

Giovanni Sollima

Marika Hughes

Rubin Kodheli

Rushad Eggleston

Jacob Szekely

Mike Block

Cremaine Booker

Dave Eggar

Raphael Weinroth Brown

Adam Hurst

Aaron Minsky

A festival focussed on innovations in cello playing

Santiago Canon Valencia

The Portland Cello Project

Cellists for the Beatles:
Francisco Gabarro was on Yesterday and many others

Derek Simpson
Norman Jones
John Hall
Dennis Vigay
Alan Dalziel
Alex Nifosi
Reginald Kilbey
Peter Beavan
Jack Holmes
Lionel Ross
Eldon Fox
an Australian cellist who played with the South Australia Symphony Orchestra under Sir John Barbirolli before coming to Europe in 1951 to study with Pablo Casals. He worked in London with and became principal cellist of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Bram Martin
Terry Weill
Frederick Alexander

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