My Cello Lineage

I have always been fascinated by this, and why pianists (in my experience) often trace their lineage, but that cellists seldom do. I originally laid this out with indentations, which wordpress does not seem to allow, so I have tried to organize this as follows. My various teachers are in bold, their teachers are in italicized bold (with a teacher’s students appearing in italicized parenthesis). Their teacher’s teacher, appears after “studied with”, and their teacher’s teachers appear after “who studied with”. I hope that makes sense!

The lineages are given according to the resources I could find under the circumstance, and are not by and large, duplicated. It is funny to me how many of them go back to Franchomme, whose Etudes and Caprices I recorded (not knowing any of this) 25 some odd years ago, merely because I thought he was a fascinating guy who wrote some lovely and neglected music.

Bernard Greenhouse
Felix Salmond
studied with William Whitehouse
who studied with Alfredo Piatti
who studied with Edouard Jacobs
who studied with Joseph Servais
Emanuel Feuermann
studied with Friedrich Buxbaum
who studied with Ferdinand Hellmesberger
who studied with Karl Udel
who studied with Karl Schlesinger
Diran Alexanian
studied with Friedrich Grutzmacher (Emil Hegar, Bruno Wilfert, Friedrich Hilpert, Johann Klingenberg, Wilhelm Fitzenhagen, Hugo Becker)
studied with Karl Dreschler
who studied with Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer (Voigt, Kummer, Drechsler, Schubert, Karl Ludwig Dotzauer)
who studied with Jean-Louis Duport
who studied with Martin Berteau
Pablo Casals
who studied with Jose Garcia

Aldo Parisot
Tomazzo Babini
studied with Francesco Serato
Luigi Silva
studied with Arturo Bonucci
who studied with Francesco Serato

Pierre Fournier
Paul Bazelaire
who studied with Jules Delsart
who studied with Auguste Franchomme
Anton Hekking
who studied with Leon Jacquard
who studied with Auguste Franchomme
who studied with Pierre Chevillard
who studied with Louis Pierre Martin Norblin

Janos Starker
Adolph Schiffer (Paul Abraham, Tibor de Machula, Gabor Reito, Matias Seiber, Laszlo Varga)
studied with David Popper (Arnold Foldesy, Jeno Kerbely, Mici Lucas, Ludwig Lebel)
who studied with Julius Goltermann
who studied with Friedrich Kummer (Bernhard Cossmann, Justus Goltermann, Arved Poorten, Richard Boellmann, Robert Haussmann)
who studied with Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer
who studied with Jean-Louis Duport
studied with Bernard Romberg

Antonio Janigro
Giovanni Berti
Diran Alexanian

Shirley Trepel
Daniel Saidenberg
studied with Andre Hekking
who studied with Charles Auguste de Beriot
Emannuel Feuermann
Gregor Piatigorsky

studied with Alfred von Glehn
who studied with Karl Davidov (Carl Fuchs, Leo Stern and Hanus Wihan)
studied with Anatoly Brandukov
who studied with Bernard Cossmann
who studied with Wilhelm Fitzenhagen
studied with Hugo Becker (Mainardi, Grummer, Beatrice Harrison and Herbert Walenn)
who studied with Alfredo Piatti
who studied with Friedrich Grutzmacher
studied with Julius Klengel
who studied with Emil Hegar
who studied with Friedrich Grutzmacher

Harriet Risk Woldt
Oliver Edel
studied with Diran Alexanian

Lev Aronson (Lynn Harrell, Ralph Kirschbaum, Brian Thornton, John Sharp, Adron Ming, Brook Pearce, Christopher Adkins, Laurie Arnold, Alicia Randisi, Karen Terbeek, Carol Haski, Philip Taggart, Kevin Dvorak, Richard Pope, Mitch Maxwell)
Julius Klengel
Alfred von Glehn
Gregor Piatigorsky

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2 Responses to My Cello Lineage

  1. Aristide Du Plessis says:

    Dear Clay,

    Thank you for this truly AMAZING website. I think it’s very kind and generous of you to share all of this information here – for free!

    I look forward to its extension!

    Warm regards

    Aristide du Plessis

  2. admin says:

    Thanks so much, Aristide, I appreciate that very much! Please feel free to post any comments or questions any time!

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