Cellists Old and New

Interesting links on some well known as well as some unfamiliar cellists of the past and present:

Felix Salmond was an English cellist who came to America and taught many renowned players in the mid-20th Century


Harvey Shapiro
The late great NYC cellist in a quick excerpt from a master class on Schumann Concerto, listen for (or avoid) the NSFW last line
more of a Shapiro Master Class

Rachmaninoff Sonata

Harvey Shapiro, cellist, plays “Nina,” by Pergolesi

An interesting article about Harvey Shapiro

Shapiro in a quartet with Shumsky, Gingold, and Primrose

In the WQXR Quartet (the former radio station of the NY Times)

7 Y/O Yo-Yo at the White House

Brinton Smith, Paganini 5th Caprice

Johannes Moser plays all 12 parts of the Klengel Hymnus for 12 cellos

Piatti #3 cello and accordion

Bolero, one cello, ten hands

Gendron plays his Rococo cadenza

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